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Learn to trade the world's financial markets...

Our financial markets course will teach you everything you need to know in order to understand and trade financial markets, including investing and trading stocks, Forex and financial derivatives. 

The online based course covers nine key trading modules, including teaching you our very own trading strategies... 

  • Everything you need to know to get started as a Forex or Stock Trader

  • No course expiry - learn at your own pace

  • Powerful, deep, and relevant!

  • Verified with trading results

  • Easy to follow

9 Easy to Follow Modules...

Stock market basics

Forex market basics 

OTC products basics

And more...

Economic news

Impact on financial markets

Financial analysis

And much more... 

Trading emotion basics 

Professional insights

Fear and greed

And more... 

Broker basics

Broker terminology 



And more... 

Risk and money management basics 

Reducing trading and investment risk

Broker risk

And more... 

Charting basics 

Price action


And much more... 

Stock picking

Increasing your win rate 

Deep FX insights 

Pro tips and trading strategies

And much more... 

Navigating the Forex minefield 

How to profitably trade Forex

Deep FX insights 

Pro tips and trading strategies

And much more... 

our trading strategies

Forex and stocks

Live trading examples

And much more... 


Our Financial Markets course is ideal for new traders and investors. You will learn everything you need to know in order to confidentially trade and invest in Forex, stocks and CFDs. 

This is not just a course to teach retail trading based on price action or technical indicators - it is a course to teach you how to trade the world's financial markets like a professional. 

Course payment includes life-time access to our comprehensive trading course and free life-time access to our exclusive trading forum - receive ideas and updates from our traders, socialise with other traders, share ideas, ask questions, and gain deep market insights

Simply sign-up using the button below... Your login details will be sent by email

Financial Markets Course £795 for lifetime access (sign-up below) SALE PRICE £695.00 (over 12% off) 

*NEW* purchasing our financial trading course also comes with free access to our new trading forum. 


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